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Council Integration

A Council will have latitude of how and where the AWBA reports, but it could report to the VP of Program, the VP of Relationships, the VP of Marketing, or the VP of Alumni Relations.  


A Council may not have enough volunteers to have chairs of multiple alumni groups.  So, in that case, a single entity may be formed.  This is viewed as a Council wide structure and does not anticipate it to be duplicated within the Districts.


What We Do


American Wood Badge Alumni will have five areas of focus which are as follows:  


  1. Membership. Membership will reach out to existing Wood Badge Alumni and encourage them to join their Association. They will promote District relationships to support Wood Badge in general and the Association specifically.  They will assist and promote new courses and the recruitment of Scouters to experience Wood Badge training.  AWBA will assist in the promotion of all Wood Badge courses in the council, the area and the region.

  2. Communications.  Promotion of Wood Badge, the Association and new courses will be encouraged. E-communications and E-blasts will originate from this group. Fundraising and awarding Wood Badge Scholarships can be organized through the AWBA.

  3. Alumni Events.  Social and networking.  Promotion of Gilwell reunions and other Alumni events will be part of a working, complete Council organization.

  4. Service Projects.  Wood Badge Alumni will promote, organize and support service project within the Council, at camp properties and within the community.  They may also, when requested, assist with training events and Wood Badge course preparation.

  5. Recruitment.  The AWBA will assist in identifying and recruiting Scouters that have experienced Wood Badge training and are well suited for additional roles and responsibilities.  In addition, the AWBA will assist in the recruitment of district committee members and/or the commissioner corps.


A philosophy of continuing to “work your ticket” may develop within this group as initiatives and projects are identified.


What We Aren’t


The American Wood Badge Alumni will Not select Wood Badge Course Directors.  It will Not determine Wood Badge Course staff assignments and it will Not have its own financial accounts.

The Council may establish a financial sub-account to receive AWBA dues or Wood Badge scholarships.

Where To Go Next

  1. Register with BSA Alumni

  2. Contact your local Council to determine what alumni activities are planned or where AWBA may assist.

  3. Contact the AWBA National Committee and ask for best practices.

  4. Spread the word through Council communication channels that there will be an organizing meeting within BSA Alumni

  5. Hold the meeting, determine interest and set some realistic goals for the year.

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